Kemco Sales

About Us

Kemco was founded in 2002 as a Manufacturers Representative with a focus on interconnect, passive and electromechanical product segments. We have selected specific products suppliers to provide a building block approach to our customers enabling us to support a large portion of their design.

Our product lines have broadened, become more customized and somewhat more complex. A significant contingent of off-shore manufacturers have been added as new suppliers of the products we offer.

With the growing complexity of PCB design, it is becoming more difficult to build QTA pcb’s in North America and then transfer the production offshore. In high signal speed designs with high pin count BGA’s the pcb’s have to meet tight impedance requirements. The Proto built Stack-ups have to be proved in and the production has to be built in exactly the same manner as the protos. Our offshore high tech manufacturer WUS offers this service to selected customers with 10 days delivery of complex Proto pcb’s.

In line with the growth in demand for renewable energy products, Kemco has added new product lines aimed at reducing our customers Energy Costs. Our chosen suppliers are in the forefront of the field in this fiercely competitive industry… check out their websites and see for yourself.

This website is designed to link our customers with ease to our suppliers websites. The product selector will assist our customers select the right supplier when multiple choices occur. We look forward to hearing from you and hope the strategy of the company will serve you well.