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Saturn Electronics Corporation

Saturn Electronics CorporationEvery year since 1985 Satrun’s┬ácustomer list has continued to grow. And that’s because more companies learn that Saturn Electronics saves them money on PCBs without sacrificing quality and service.

Saturn’s dedication to quality has resulted not only in ISO9002 certification, but also TS16949 certification. Saturn was the first and currently is the only printed circuit board manufacturer in North America to have achieved this world-wide recognized quality certification. This enables us to be the highest-quality, full-service manufacturer of prototype and high-volume printed circuit boards. Also, our commitment to quality allows us to offer our unmatched product guarantee of up to 5 times the cost of the PCB to cover components and labor applied to defective product!

Finally, we keep our cost of quality down by combining our purchases with those of other PCB fabrication facilities in which Saturn has ownership stakes.

  • Printed Circuit Boards, Fast Turn Prototypes;
  • Small to large volume production;
  • ISO9002 / TS16949;
  • Offshore partner is Plotech Technology;